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Access your voicemail

To access voicemail:

1.    Press the Message(indicated by an envelope icon) button on your phone to access your voicemail box, or dial 5001 if you cannot identify the voicemail button.

2.    When prompted, enter your voicemail pin (Default Pin can be found in Admin info sheet sent to office managers), and then press #.

Note : ReachUC mobile/desktop app will ask for a password instead of pin. They are interchangeable.


To access another person’s mailbox:

1.    Dial 5000.

2.    When prompted, enter the other person’s extension number.

3.    Enter the voicemail PIN of the other person’s mailbox, followed by #.

Setting Up your voicemail

The first time you log in to your mailbox you are walked through recording your name for the directory and recording your personal greeting.  The name recording is for the dial-by-name directory, so when someone enters the first three letters of your last name, it will play back your name recording.

Recording Your Personal Greeting:

It is very important to make a custom message, as many callers will not leave messages at mailboxes that have generic greetings. To do so, you will need to follow the steps below.

  1. Access your voicemail box.

  2. Press 6 on the dial pad.

  3. Press 1 to record your personal greeting.

  4. The automated attendant will ask you to assign a number. Select a number between 1-5.

  5. Record your greeting, and when you are done press #.

  6. The automated attendant will automatically assign the voicemail message if there is none, or it will ask you if you would like to assign the message as the default message.

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